How to maintain a good relationship with girls picked up in fancy bars

Aceasta este povestea unui chelios foarte dragut, pasionat de viata de noapte Bucuresteana si de femeile care o coloreaza…

“The first time i arrived in Romania, i went clubbing, of course.
I met lots and lots of nice girls. Good looking, well dressed, available….heaven.

Only one thing stayed between me and complete Romanian happiness: my phone.

I was telling my friends: I guess it’s something wrong with this fucking phone, nobody can call me from Romania; I will go to Vodafone and complain about this shitty service. Every fucking time a girl calls me, I cannot talk to her. Unbelievable. This is sabotage, they are sabotaging my love life……. I am answering the phone and at the other side…. nothing…just the busy tone. And it didn’t happen only one time, my friends. It’s happening all the time. Busy tone…busy tone…busy tone. I want to speak with the girls, not listen to the busy tone everyday. Vodafone sucks.

My father overheard the discussion and told me:

- Son, it’s time for a serious father-son conversation. It is clear for me that you have no clue about life in Romania....SON! Haven’t you ever heard about the “bip” concept????? Yes, in Romania the bip is a concept, it is very important to know about it, IT’S A WAY OF LIVING…. Nothing is wrong with the phone, just that those girls are hanging up on purpose, in order for you, as a foreign gentleman that you are, to call them back.
- On purpose father??? Why would they do such a thing to me?
- That fake Louis Vuitton bag fooled you? Come on, it is important for Romanian girls not to spend money on the phone bill. Were you trying to answer promptly? Biiiig mistake!!!!!!!! This means lack of education, my dear son. DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. EVER! Hang up and call them back if you want some action.”

Since this lesson, my love life improved dramatically.

Lesson number two: buy a Mercedes”

Mai baiete

In contul meu de pe noi2, reinaugurat cu ocazia sezonului estival si al sandalelor aurii, am primit cel mai funny mesaj ever.
Sa citam:
"Rasfoiam printre profilurile de pe site zicandu-mi "uite cate femei singure, triste si disperate exista numai in Bucuresti..." cand am dat si peste profilul tau. Atunci mi am zis "uite o femeie singura, trista si disperata care e chiar un pic draguta!". Asa ca m-am decis sa ti dau o sansa si sa ti scriu sa vad daca si in profunzime esti cel putin la fel de interesanta...
Talk to me."

Dobitocule! Esti atat de nesimtit incat pun pariu ca daca ne intalnim ma indragostesc de tine.